Essex Stars have been established cheerleading squad since 2009 with many squads for all ages and ability’s. Please see below the best suited club for you.

If you can not find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to get in contact to ask, we are happy to help.

All abilities welcome, we have a range of classes to suit everyone!

If you are interested in joining one of our teams, please contact Rachel on 07816909896 or pop along to the gym to speak to our coaching staff.


5 – 7PM –  Junior 3 Dynamite Squad – invite only

7 – 9PM –  Senior 4.2 Intensity Squad – invite only


5 – 7PM –  Youth 2 Inspire Squad  – invite only

5 – 7PM –  Junior 2 Desire Squad  – invite only

6 – 8PM –  Junior 3 Dynamite Squad  – invite only

7 – 9PM –  Senior 2 Empower Squad  – invite only

7 – 9PM –  Senior Masters Pride Squad  – ages 18 plus – £6 a session


5 – 7PM –  Youth 1 Vengeance Squad  – ages 9 to 11 year olds – £6 a session

5 – 7PM –  Junior 1 Strive Squad  – ages 12 to 14 year olds – £6 a session

5 – 7PM –  Believe & Achieve Community Squads  – ages 9 to 14 year olds – £6 a session

7 – 9PMSenior 1 Impulse Squad – ages 15 plus – £6 a session

7 – 9PMSenior 5 Extreme Squad – elite competition squad – invite only


5 – 7PM –  Tiny 1 Vision Squad – 4 to 5 year olds – £5 a session

5 – 7PM – Mini 1 Determination Squad – 6 to 9 year olds – £5 a session

7 – 9PMSenior 5 Extreme Squad – elite competition squad – invite only


Contact Rachel if you have any enquirers on 07816909896 or email at



77 thoughts on “CHEER CLASSES

  1. hi Im interested in my 3 year old starting your cheer leading classes in September is there currently any room for her. many thanks sinead. 07412880005

  2. hi, I would like to enrol my 3 year old into cheerleading classes. are they going to be running in September? thanks Cheryl

  3. Hey! I would love to go, but I am 14 and have only done some small amounts of gymnastics? Can I still go? Also what would I wear! Id love to hear back

  4. Could you add another class on Friday because I am busy on both those days or at another venue I am 11 nearly 12

  5. Im almost 14 me an my friend want to join we know someone that goes already, what activities would you say are best to join as a beginner and what time and classes are best?x

  6. Thanks i will proberly be able to come along to that class next week, incase my friend cant is there any other lessons for our age or is that the only one x

  7. Hi I’m just wondering what level the senior squad compete at? I am moving to southend in June and looking for a new team, I have previously competed at level 3. Thanks x

  8. Hiya I would like my nearly 4 year old 5 and 6 year old to join on Thursday how much are the sessions and where? Thankyou

    • Hey are cheer for fun sessions on a thursday are £5 pay as you go 🙂
      We are based at 37 Shoebury avenue near shoebury police station 🙂 we are open all thru the holidays with no need to book 🙂

  9. Hello, I am 12 and I have recently been wanting to try our cheerleading. Do I need to try out? Because I haven’t done any cheer or gymnastics before and I’m not exactly good at it. Is there a class I could come to and what would i need to wear? Thanks

  10. I would like to start cheerleading but I am no good and not flexible at all, could I go to your Monday session and see if I like it and then start classes on a Wednesday? X

  11. Hi essex stars my daughter would like to come along to one of your cheerleading classes she is nearly 12 so what class would she go to thanks terri

  12. HI, I’m 12 (13 in March) and I am interested in this… I have no experience so what class would be best and what do I wear, Also how much is it per session. Thanks

  13. I would love to do cheer I’m 9 but I can’t do Mon Tue Fri I do a lot of gymnastics so when can I come and what shall I wear because my 4 yr old sis would like to as well

  14. Hello:)
    Do you have an age limit? Or do you have an adult squad. I am 23 and have dance and gymnastics experience and am looking for somewhere to start cheer

    • Hey! We have no age limit the more te merrier 🙂
      Please come along to a wednesday 7 – 9pm.
      What tumble skills do you have as we may have spaces in our higher classes also.

  15. Hi my daughter would like to start cheerleading classes she is 9 in October 2nd , what day and times do you do for her age thankyou.

  16. Hi my daughter is 9 and my daughters friend would like to attend but she is 8 could they both be in the Wednesday 5-7 please

  17. Hi My daughter has just turned 6 and does cheerleading at school and really enjoys it so would like to join a club,what classes do you have and do I need to book?

  18. Hiya, im 15 in march and would really like to try cheerleading but i can’t make the 5-7 session is there any chance i could do the 15+ session?

  19. hey I’m almost 14 and id like to start cheer
    all I can do is splits cartwheel and roundoff
    and I feel like I’m too old to start

  20. Me and my 3 friends are coming along this wednesday 14th to the 5-7pm 9-11 yr olds, is that okay? Also what shall we wear as we dont have ur cheerleading t shirts.

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